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Learners Trad competition

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At present, the National Mod Learner’s Traditional Song competition is mixed,male and female. Given that there is a healthy number of entrants, of both sexes. I think that ACG should consider, in the future,  having two comps, one male and one female.
The comps. could be run concurrently, so no extra event/venue/time would be required and it would further encourage the increasing number of entries into the learners competitions.
I would be grateful for any comments or views on the subject.

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This is an excellent idea and would encourage more learners to compete in this recent addition to the competitions on offer at the Mòd. I suppose it would depend on the actual numbers competing from both sexes. If the numbers justify it and the approach is as suggested two competitions taking place concurrently then the Mod organisors should consider this for future Mòds.