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Senior choir attendence at Local Mods

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I wonder if anyone out there has a magic formula to encourage more senior choirs to attend local Mods.  Surely if we are to encourage more people to become involved in Gaelic culture we have to ensure that there are lively Provincial Mods in the Central belt where most of the population of Scotland lives.

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There are plenty of choirs going to Local Mods but the problem is that they tend to go to one or two of the more popular local mod venues leaving other Mods with a lack of choirs attending. Maybe there could be a maximum number of choirs for the popular venues and the other choirs would be encouraged to attend less well attended venues. This would have to be coordinated by either the choir association or the Provincial Mod Committee of ACG. Any agreement to do this should be with the agreement and support of both organisations.

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Hello everyone
It is a very important problem as many Local Mòds are run by enthusiastic supporters who put in a lot of hard work and it must be disappointing when very few choirs attend their particular Mòd ,especially when they see 8 or 9 choirs attending just up the road a bit. Fewer choirs also means that the individual and group ( quartet, duet ) competitions also suffer. However, choirs are free to go wherever they wish but maybe the choir association could help here by asking their member choirs how they feel about supporting all the Mòds perhaps in a cycle with some kind of control from the Choir Association. An Comunn, I believe, through their branch networks are largely responsible for facilitating the local Mods and support them financially but won’t ever and shouldn’t dictate where choirs should go.That has to be a personal choice but if there continues to be a lack of support for certain Mods then it is likely we would lose some of them in the near future which would be a great pity.I must say also that a Ceilidh Dance in the evening of a Provincial Mòd is a great attraction and the usual Massed choir singing the highlight of the night for many visitors.
Le dùrachd

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I totally agree that the Choir Association should have a big say in what happens at the National and Local Mòds. I don’t believe An Comunn would ever impose anything on the choirs without proper consultation. This is not to say that the status quo should remain forever and any new ideas should be welcomed and discussed between the choir association and An Comunn.
Regards Bertie

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Hi Craig
Not a hope.Think you’ll find most choirs would think that there are enough comeptitions for choirs.However I might be wrong.
Regards Bertie