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Pan Celtic Festival

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Just back from a suberb week of singing and craic at the Pan Celtic in Donegal Town, as usual the Scottish singers were on fine form? Think that’s my 8th festival now, can anyone beat that?!

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Am I the only one who feels that the Scottish Committee needs a shake up.?

I felt this year was a let down, with the Scottish night usually the highlight of the festival ,very badly organised.No real encouragement for the scottish competitors to take part in the ceilidh ?
The whole idea of the committee is to give all Scots a good deal with accommodation and encourage participation from all over the country and not just from those few enthusiasts who go out on a limb to take part in what was once such a great event .

Those of us who are interested in The Pan Celtic need to work together so that closer links can be forged wth our celtic cousins and not allow this event to just fizz out.