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Important Competitor Information

Delayed Competitors

Competitors delayed with regard to their appearance at another venue must inform the Chief Steward or one of his / her staff in order that all information can be relayed to the competition chairperson at the appropriate venue.

Competitor Guidelines

Competitors are not allowed to consult books, manuscripts or copies of music during competitions with the only exception being instrumental competitions. 

Adjudication Sheets

Adjudication sheets for competitions will be available for collection in the Queen’s Hall on Saturday 13th October and between Monday 15th and Friday 19th October

Important Note: Competitor’s should allow a minimum of 2 hours after end of competition before collection of Adjudication Sheets.

Mod 2012 Information Desk

Mod 2012 Information Desk will be situated in the Queen’s Hall and will be open on Saturday 13th and between Monday 15th and Friday 19th October.

Mod 2013 Prescribed Pieces

Mod 2013 Music will be on sale at the Mod Information Desk in the Queen’s Hall.

Prize winner’s Concerts

First prizewinners may be required to appear at evening concerts.  Those required to appear must report by 19.15 to the organisers.  Announcements regarding the Prize winners’ concerts will be made during competition sessions. 


Published: 04th Sep 2012

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